Brain Tumor Awareness Month

As many of you know, May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and our very own MEC family has a hidden Superhero in its midst!! Mallori Davis's little boy Trae was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma Grade 1 Brain Tumor.  After a 9 hour surgery to remove the tumor, Trae was left with a tube that stretches from his brain to his belly, allowing Trae's spinal fluid to be drained, and preventing him for getting Hydrocephalus. Trae has one AMAZING MOM who makes sure that all of his needs are met, as Trae will continue to face lifelong concerns with the remaining tumor and the tube that he could possibly outgrow. Trae had to learn to walk and talk all over again, remains blind in one eye, and has lost his peripheral vision in his remaining eye. Even though these battles are big, the support Trae AND Mallori have here at McKnight Eye Centers is EVEN BIGGER!!!  We are super excited to show our support as a MEC FAMILY #grayfortrae